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    Sophie said a little embarrassedly: "At first I didn't know, I thought you were coming back from abroad, but I didn't know why you came to Hoai Bac. With nothing to do all day, I started to think wildly. Later, after thinking too much, you understand something. Actually, I should have understood a long time ago. You are so special, you are completely not from this world. You say you are a returning overseas Chinese, but I have been to the United States, England and France. Just use your brain a little. We all know that with the level of rejection and discrimination against the Chinese in Europe and the United States, how can the Chinese be allowed to build a highly developed national economy in the above country? your territory? I can only say that you made the plot too realistic, this encounter is too strange, it makes me confused, I haven't understood for a long time!"

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    Xue Jianqiang put down the glass of water, thought for a moment, then organized his vocabulary: "That... Maybe you can't believe it, but the truth is like this, I'm not from this world."

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    By the way, Lolicon said that the order for 600 Type 80s has been completed, I would like to ask if you are interested in continuing cooperation. Chen Jianfeng said.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Yun-12F, the one with a payload of three tons, give me twelve."

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    On a farm somewhere dozens of kilometers away, Lieutenant General Oliver Lees, Commander of the British Eighth Army, was losing his temper. In the past few months of fighting, the 8th Army has suffered heavy casualties, losing more than 12,000 troops, and more than 250 tanks were destroyed, forcing the British to disband the 1st Armored Division. And preparations began. reorganize the army. 8th Army. But after paying such a high price, the result was very pitiful. They could not even wipe out a large number of German troops, let alone quickly penetrate the German defense line. Damn the German army, they are retreating step by step, the Allies can take their positions through hard fighting, but there is no way to bite their main army through more fierce fighting ! The British army was in a standoff that neither commander liked to fight, they tried their best to break the deadlock but could do nothing. Allied forces leave. For example, this time, the British army broke through the line that the German army had held for a week, but what would happen after the breakthrough? The Germans fled again.

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    Xue Min got out of the car with a mournful expression, timidly looked at her parents, her calves trembling, it was impossible to imagine that this was the crazy female outburst who had turned the entire Lianghuai region upside down, scaring the entire Japanese army. scared. Her voice was not much more majestic than the mosquito: "Dad, mom, I'm home..."

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    Annoyed, the plane arrived in Moscow. After getting off the plane, the military police came up, first greeted him, then showed him his ID card: "Comrade Beloborodov, we belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Comrade Stalin has orders to bring you to see him immediately." . you come to Moscow."

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    So the T-34/76 left the field a bit despondent. Lieutenant Colonel Miha himself jumped onto the T-34/85, aimed his gun, and after the generals returned to a safe area, he ordered his men to reload. : "Shoot". best armor piercing bullets. !”

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    The general glared: "Why are so many tanks needed for a grenadier regiment!? Do you know that now even an armored brigade cannot produce so many Panther tanks!?"

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    At this time, jet fighters showed off their sharp fangs across Europe, such as the German ME163 and ME262 which played a huge role in intercepting bombers. Coalition bombs, especially ME163, lasted 4 minutes but it was still called out. The "nightmare star" of Allied pilots, and many bombers were forced to dismantle it with machine guns. Looking back at the 1950s, the level of engineering on these things could only be described as "terrifying", but in this era, jet fighters of this level represented the highest level of the industry aviation, top secret within top secret. British jet fighters were all deployed in China to intercept V1 missiles, they did not participate in the war, the US and the Soviet Union had not yet developed their own jet fighters so this thing was still a treat. Exclusive British toys. Luftwaffe. Some of them suddenly appeared in China. Jet fighter, can't help but attract attention! Not finding a clue is fine, but once found it will be a big trouble!

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    Just, how to pull it back? This is a big guy weighing several thousand tons!

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    With this realization in mind, the captain and his men joined the Eighth Line Army. He became director of training at the Beihai Naval Training Base, originally established by the Eighth Route Army. He was responsible for training sailors for the Eighth Circuit. Army: Join the coastal defense regiment and command submarine and torpedo boat hunters to destroy your former colleagues. Their thinking has changed. They wanted to build a new Japan without emperors and chaebols. Their former colleagues have become their enemies. They will never show mercy to their enemies. If they get in their way, they will die! Just because there were a large number of well-trained sailors, the strength of the Eighth Army's Coastal Defense Regiment increased greatly, and the sphere of influence that was finally established was narrowed. very much, and it was almost pushed back to the Qingdao area. The Japanese Navy, which once had the largest fleet in the world and the largest in Asia, allowed a squad of maritime guerrillas with only submarine hunters, gunboats and torpedo boats to fight in such a shameful way. One can imagine the anger of the Japanese generals.

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    Kesselring smiled and interrupted: "Dear head of state, just imagine, what would happen if an army command suddenly lost contact with the entire army during the fiercest battle? Radar and The communications system of an aircraft carrier battle group went down immediately. , what will happen?"

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    Kesselring was simply ecstatic and immediately ordered a widespread counterattack. 400,000 German troops in the North Rhine area one by one left their fortified fortifications and brazenly launched a fierce counterattack on the Allies. The Allies were caught off guard and were repeatedly beaten back. Under Guderian's command, the main force of the armored forces of Army Group C advanced straight into the gap left by the French army, swept through the Allied rear like a storm, and in turn destroyed eight Allied logistics supply bases. other. The Allies just felt that there were German armored forces everywhere, and no matter where they retreated, they would face attacks from all directions! The Luftwaffe also dispatched a large number of jet bombers to fiercely bomb the bridges and ferries of the Rhine River. The few remaining precision-guided bombs had great effect, under the guidance of the pilots. Duc, they rushed towards the Allies like hunting dogs. The bridge rose until it was engulfed in flames. Such an intense bombing cost the Luftwaffe a heavy price. Within 24 hours, 16 AR-234s and 8 ME-262s were shot down.

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    Xue Jianqiang shouted: "Put down the assault boat, the commandos will follow me to capture this submarine!"

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    This anti-tank grenade was like an opening gun. After it was fired, the screams of anti-tank grenades followed on both sides of the road. The iron fist anti-tank grenade was like a hornet that had been hit. crashed into a nest, and swooped ferociously into the tank. ! At the same time, the church door opposite opened, the black muzzle of a 57 mm anti-aircraft gun protruding, shooting fireballs towards the panicked French tank column. and was paralyzed on the spot. The second tank dodged an anti-tank grenade fired from the side of the road, the machine gun randomly fired in that direction, the tank then rushed forward with all its might, overtaking the leading tank that was destroyed, but the anti-tank gun 57 mm gun immediately opened fire. Three consecutive shots, the cannonballs fired, two shots penetrated the front armor, raising the turret seven or eight meters high. The 57mm anti-aircraft gun is like a heavy machine gun, and deadly tungsten-core armor-piercing bullets are the bullets it fires. A 57mm anti-aircraft gun also appeared at the end of the 15th Armored Brigade. It fired a bang bang bang, a number of tanks and armored vehicles in the formation immediately burst into flames, completely blocking the French rear. . For the French army, the most deadly thing was rockets from both sides of the road, that thing was like rain! The chief of staff of the French army, who took command of the brigade, reported in horror to headquarters:

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    In other words, this huge wealth was left to him to use as he pleased.

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    Suddenly his eyes darkened, his roar suddenly stopped, his body shook a few times, and he fell to the ground and fainted. Staff rushed him to the hospital for treatment, but the president's eyes never opened again.